Einstein Scholars 2019-20

SMMIS is proud to offer scholarship places to students of outstanding abilities.

The School offers a limited number of Academic Scholarships each year to new pupils entering the Secondary School in Grade 6 and Grade 9. Each Scholarship, which is awarded irrespective of parent financial circumstances, carries an element of fee remission which is usually between 40% – 60% of the annual fees.

All new Secondary School students will be eligible for these Scholarships which are awarded for academic excellence. NO SPECIAL SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION IS NEEDED.

Academic Scholarships are subject to annual review, wherein a Scholar’s attitude to work and academic performance will be considered. Those to whom Scholarships are awarded are also eligible to apply for Bursaries.


The School Trustees, in seeking to widen access and reduce the burden of fees for parents on whom it would rest most heavily, make bursaries available to all students. Financial need must be established by completion of a confidential statement of income in order to be eligible for an award.

Bursaries are means-tested awards and range in value according to financial need and the funds available.
The award is split equally across each semester and will be shown as a fee remission; the remainder of fees and any other charges for the term (eg. Bus travel, After School Activities etc.) are payable by the parents.

Bursaries are tenable throughout the period of a student’s attendance at the School, subject to payment of fees,
satisfactory conduct and progress, and to the continuation of financial need. Because circumstances do change,
parents who require financial assistance are required to complete a new Bursary application form each year. Whilst every attempt is made to maintain Bursaries at a stable level once they have been awarded, this cannot be guaranteed.

I feel happy in this school, the teachers are kind and my friends are very nice. I have friends from many countries in my class- Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Israelis and Koreans, and we all play and talk together and share some things about our homes and countries and culture.


8, Grade 3

I love the activities we do in class. I like how we learn by exploring and not reading from the textbook all the time. It is less lecture, more active learning now and I love school.


12, Grade 6