Our Unique Approach to Learning

At SMMIS our educational approach is underpinned by our belief in a Growth Mindset and our desire to inculcate in our students 21st Century skills. Our students are preparing for a high-tech reality that celebrates an entrepreneurial mindset that pushes boundaries and understands the world isn't black and white. We teach our children to be independent learners, resilient, collaborative and risk takers. We celebrate the power of ‘yet’ and understand mistakes are pathways to learning.

Our students are preparing for a high-tech reality that celebrates an entrepreneurial mindset that pushes boundaries and understands the world isn't black and white. Walk our hallways and see a school steeped in design thinking: classrooms rich with documents that outline the thinking process, dedicated places to unpack ideas, displayed and celebrated student ‘works in progress’. We take discovery seriously and actively use learning to shape our decisions and actions.  

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Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS) is an academically rigorous, non-profit Jewish school with state of the art facilities, where we nurture enquiring minds. At SMMIS cultivating wonder is a way of life. We are a small school with a strong ethical foundation and engender a commitment to social action. Our children are encouraged to see themselves as global citizens, with charity and volunteering a strong aspect of school life. We have a strong, internationally trained staff body, who ignite a passion for lifelong learning, creative thinking and inspire a curiosity in the world around us. With over 30 nationalities, everyone’s identity is celebrated. 

Our team has engineered a bespoke internationally minded curriculum, providing our diverse student body with the very best from around the world.  Learning at SMMIS is broad, varied, contemporary and enriching. We focus on collaboration and enquiry, skills we believe stand the test of time. We use the frameworks of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and International Middle Years Curricula (IMYC) and offer the Cambridge iGCSE’s in Grades 9-10. We follow the British National Curriculum Literacy and Singapore Maths Curriculum. Mandarin and Modern Hebrew are offered as modern foreign languages.

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Our Curriculum

Our bespoke curriculum is underpinned by our unique SMMIS Philosophy of Learning.  As such, we have cultivated a Culture of Thinking and commitment to a Growth Mindset with the principle of healing the world through social action, at our core. SMMIS seeks to inculcate not just the knowledge that your child will need but also the learning skills, habits, values and attitudes that will guide them as they journey towards becoming responsible young men and women with something to give back to our world.

We offer a learning experience for students, delivered by internationally trained staff, that is rigorous, broad and relevant. In Primary School, we blend British National Curriculum Literacy and Singapore Maths with the enquiry based International Primary Curriculum (IPC). In Secondary School, we follow the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) and the Cambridge IGCSE qualifications. Our internationally trained staff emphasises academic rigour across a comprehensive number of teaching subjects, balanced by thoughtful and empathetic instruction that values character-building, emotional growth and creative collaboration. With fantastic state-of-the-art facilities and enrichment opportunities, SMMIS offers a fully rounded educational experience.



Jewish Education

IPC/IMYC Framework




Innovation & Makerspace

Music & Drama

Physical Education

Pre-School: Reggio Emilia

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA’s)


SMMIS is an intimate pre-school inspired by the principles of Reggio Emilia; child-led learning and discovery. We welcome every child regardless of cultural background or religious affiliation and appreciate and value each child’s differences.

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Primary School

In our Primary School, we provide exciting and engaging learning experiences that support our learners to be internationally minded. We focus on a balanced combination of academic, personal, and school-wide goals that equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to become active global citizens.

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Secondary School

In the Secondary School, students are taught by subject specialists for each individual subject, and in subject specialist venues. Throughout the day, students will move from lesson to lesson and teacher to teacher.

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