Nurturing the good in every child

SMMIS is an intimate Pre-School inspired by the principles of Reggio Emilia; child-led learning and discovery. Central to our philosophy is a deep respect for the potential and development of every unique child. Priority is placed on developing each child’s innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Low student-teacher ratios ensure each child receives individual and nurturing attention. The creative, play-led, learning environment at SMMIS means that children feel safe, secure and comfortable to explore their surroundings. Each learning area is deliberately considered and developmentally appropriate to stimulating the development of a variety of skills. Our indoor, sensory gym and engaging outdoor play areas are purposefully designed to create challenges that motivate learning. This safe, attractive environment aids the development of fundamental motor skills while also facilitating fun.

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A Day in Pre-School


Dropping food coloring into oil and water. Observing, predicting and discovering what happens and then dipping paper in the water to make process art.

Physical Education

Children take part in indoor gym activities. There is a large variety of equipment and a fun and exciting Gymboree programme that the children engage in. Parachute fun encourages cooperation, reinforces turn taking, promotes communication and language.

Role Play

Chinese New Year dragon role play, cultural representation and exposure. During circle time children have the opportunity to listen to a variety of stories, play games with simple rules, sing songs and move their bodies to music.

Morning Snack

Encouraging self-help skills, independence and taking turns. Exposing children to a variety of different fruit to try for morning snack.

Making Playdough

Observing changes to the ingredients when making playdough together. Developing fine motor skills and turn taking skills.

Outside Play

The children have a chance to practice their gross motor skills as well as engaging in water, sand and messy play. Working collaboratively, learning social skills and communication.

Lunch Time

Lunch is a delicious hot, nutritious and Kosher meal.

Lego Building

Lego promotes problem solving, spatial awareness, creativity, experimentation, perseverance and communication.


Cooking activities increase language, enhance fine motor skills and teaches life skills.

Small World

Small world play allows children to enact scenarios in miniature play scenes supporting the development of social and emotional skills.