Co-Curricular and After-School
Activities Programme (CCA’s)

Research has shown that participation in CCA’s benefits children physically, psychologically and socially. Furthermore, participation can positively contribute to a balanced school day, offering students a multitude of ways to further develop and foster their own creativity, develop their collaborative and interpersonal skills, and release their energy and enthusiasm into a productive and fun activity. Our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to offer a wide range of CCA’s and we encourage each of our students to participate in at least one per year. 

Field Trips and overnight camping trips are a highlight of the school experience at SMMIS. Grade 4 & 5 and up enjoy an overnight camp experience and our Secondary School students are offered an Overseas Service Trip in Grades 6-9.


As well as offering weekly swimming lessons, SMMIS has a strong competitive swim team that competes in Inter School and national competitions. The Swim Team trains 5 times per week in the roof top 25 metre swimming pool. 


Following the success of Singapore Badminton player Loh Kean Yew, Badminton has gained immense popularity in Singapore in recent years. Together with the team of coaches from The Shuttlers Academy, the students will learn the basic skills and rules of badminton and develop the game of Badminton through drills and games.


Through a variety of drills and skills-specific training, the Basketball programme assists students in performing to the best of their abilities on the Basketball Court. The principles of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship are instilled through each session. Conducted by our in-house coach Chase, students will learn the rules of the game and develop skills, while enjoying the game itself.


Boxing is one of the oldest known sports today and arguably the most efficient form of martial art. The most important thing to firstly understand is that boxing is the art of learning how to “hit and not get hit”. Through proper body mechanics, we utilise footwork, movement, and strategies to be in position to land powerful punches and at the same time defend against incoming attacks. Together with Coach Andrei from Pegasus Sports Academy Singapore, our boxing classes are conducted in a safe and encouraging atmosphere and our training programmes ensure that there is continuous learning and development. Coach Andrei’s expertise in coaching of fundamental movement in children makes this programme an excellent learning opportunity for students of all ages in SMMIS.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

A modern martial arts discipline, with ancient roots. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a predominantly ground-based martial art, using the principles of leverage, angles, pressure and timing, as well as knowledge of the human anatomy, in order to achieve a non-violent submission of one’s opponent. Together with Coach Christian from Action Academy LLP, the children are engaged in a series of activities to teach them the fundamental movements of this art form.


Under the tuition and guidance of a professional coach from Chess Spark, students learn skills and strategies that equip them to partake in the game of chess. Through weekly strategy teaching and mini competitions between the students, they improve at chess, gain valuable life skills and, most importantly, have fun.


Coding is a method of communicating with a computer. It is using a language that computers understand, giving instructions in order to perform specific functions. Coding allows us to create things such as computer software, websites, apps and video games. Working with an instructor from Algokids, your child will learn to perform some basic coding on a series of software.

K-Pop Dance

After close to a decade of the Korean pop music wave, or Hallyu as it is commonly known, sweeping across the globe and amassing millions of fans, the K-pop trend is as popular as ever. Korean pop music has significantly influenced music and dance trends today, and K-pop dance is not just a popular dance form but also a great alternative cardio workout. Together with Miss Ginnie from Legacy Dance Co., the students of SMMIS engage in K-Pop dance lessons weekly to improve their dance moves, all while developing memory strength through learning routines, musicality, cardio fitness and flexibility.

Music Appreciation

Facilitated by the TravelClef Talent company, this programme provides an introduction to 3 different instruments. Students learn how to play the Cajon, Ukulele and the Keyboard. The basics of each instrument will be taught for 3-4 weeks depending on the difficulty level of each instrument. At the end of the course, students will be able to play a simple song on all 3 instruments.


The Stars Soccer Network programme enables students to develop their skills, learn about teamwork, participate in match practice and learn from accredited national coaches. There will also be opportunities to have matches and friendly games with teams outside of SMMIS.


A popular team sport both indoor and at the beach, Volleyball encourages teamwork both on and off the court. Together with our in-house coach Eugan, students work on the 6 fundamental skills of Volleyball so that they can work as a team to create attacking and defensive plays in game situations. Values of hard work, resilience, and camaraderie are emphasised in the sessions as the students make progress as Volleyball players.

Speech and Drama

Speech and drama is an empowering way for young people to learn effective, clear communication that will serve them throughout their life. Through an exploration of poetry, reading aloud, drama games, performance and improvisation, children spark their imagination, think creatively and learn to perform with charisma. A small performance will be put on at the end of each semester to celebrate the students' learning.