Primary School

Discovering a wider perspective

In our Primary School, we provide exciting and engaging learning experiences that support our learners to be internationally minded. We focus on a balanced combination of academic, personal, and school-wide goals that equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to become active global citizens. We use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) framework through which to deliver a rigorous and innovative learning experience using a thematic approach. Our units of work have been specifically designed around the latest research to ensure that students are able to make connections across their learning and with the wider world. We use the British National Curriculum to facilitate our Literacy Programme and Singapore Maths for Numeracy, integrating the learning with the IPC themes. Students enjoy Art; Makerspace; Modern Foreign Languages; Music; PE and Swimming, each taught by a subject specialist.

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British National Curriculum: Literacy

At SMMIS, we believe that all education is underpinned by strong Literacy Skills. As such, Literacy is at the very core of our curriculum. Students study Literacy every day. Through a range of engaging texts, students develop the central skills of reading, writing and spoken language. We follow the British National Curriculum which has the following overarching aims:

• To promote high standards of language and literacy

• To equip pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written language

• To develop a love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment

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Singapore Maths Curriculum

From Kindergarten 1 we follow the Singapore Maths approach to Numeracy. Growing with Mathematics incorporates a balanced approach to learning mathematical concepts and problem solving skills. This is a spiral curriculum which allows students to build outward on prior knowledge and develop their understanding of each concept in depth, and learn the content well for application at advanced levels.Students will be able to hone their problem-solving and critical thinking skills through individual and collaborative processes. The concepts are arranged and unfolded systematically using a structured approach that progresses with students’ cognitive levels.

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IPC Framework

International Primary Curriculum (Ages 5-11)

The IPC takes a holistic approach to learning, developing knowledge and awareness by exploring overarching themes. The IPC integrates: Science, Art, Geography, History, Technology, Music and Physical Education. Teachers also nurture qualities that will be essential for tomorrow’s leaders, such as: Enquiry, Morality, Resilience, Communication, Thoughtfulness, Cooperation, Respect and Adaptability. Students are given international learning goals to foster a global mindset. An international aspect is included in each themed IPC unit, and guides students toward a sophisticated multicultural perspective.

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Specialist Subjects

At SMMIS all students enjoy weekly lessons in each of the following areas taught by subject specialists.

• Art
• PE
• Makerspace
• Modern Foreign Languages
• Music
• Science

Please download our Curriculum Booklet for more information about how we teach these specialist subjects at SMMIS:

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Co-Curricular and After-School Activities Programme

Research has shown that participation in after-school activities benefits children physically, psychologically and socially. Furthermore, participation in after-school activities can positively contribute to a balanced school day, offering students a multitude of ways to further develop and foster their own creativity, develop their collaborative and interpersonal skills and finally, release their energy and enthusiasm into a productive and fun activity. Our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to offer a wide range of after-school activities and we look forward to your child’s active participation.

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