What are SMMIS’ school hours?
The school day runs from 8:20am to 3:40pm, Monday to Thursday and on Friday we end at 2:50.

When does the school year start and end?
Our academic year starts in mid-August and ends in mid-June. Dates for the 2018/2019 school year are listed below.

Semester One: 13 August 2018 – 14 December 2018
Semester Two: 07 January 2019 – 21 June 2019

How many nationalities are represented at SMMIS?
Our student body is made up of over 20 nationalities.

Does SMMIS accept students from different faith?
SMMIS welcomes students from all faiths and those with a secular background.

What is the SMMIS curriculum?
At SMMIS we follow the British National Curriculum Literacy; Singapore Maths, the International Primary and Middle Years Curriculum (IPC/ IMYC).

Where do the teachers of SMMIS come from?
Our staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds, reflecting the cultural mix of our students.

What languages are taught at SMMIS?
We teach in English and offer Mandarin or Hebrew as a second language.

Will my child need to bring a computer to school?
No, SMMIS provides iPads and Chromebooks for the use of our students during school hours.

Does SMMIS have a school bus service?
SMMIS contracts out this service to HDT Singapore Holdings Pte Ltd. Please contact them directly for more details.
Tel: 96181234 / 67153763 Suketha
Email: smm.transport@hdt.com.sg

Does SMMIS have a school uniform, and where can I buy it?
Yes SMMIS has a school uniform that is sold through the school.
Please email frontdesk@smm.edu.sg for more information.

Can my child buy lunch and snacks at school?
A hot, kosher lunch is provided by the school. Children are requested to bring a kosher snack for break time with them each day.

Other than school fees and uniform costs, are there any additional expenses?
All food, textbooks, stationery, local field trips and other experiences are included as part of our fee structure. There is an additional cost for international field trips.

Is there an attendance policy at SMMIS?
Research informs us that attendance directly affects student outcomes. We expect children to be in school for 96% of the time. We understand that as expats in Singapore there will be occasions when children need to return home for celebrations or otherwise. We request that parents inform the school of such absences, and keep them to a minimum.

Does SMMIS have a Parent and Teacher Association (PTA)?
Yes, SMMIS has an active PTA, and parents are always welcome to volunteer. For more information please contact frontdesk@smm.edu.sg

What are teacher to student ratio and class sizes?
We keep class sizes small to ensure that all students are given the attention they need. Up to Grade 1 all classes have a teaching assistant with them at all times.


Please have the following documents ready when you make an application.

  • Copy of all relevant Educational Psychologist or Special Education Evaluation Reports
  • For K2 and above, permission to contact teachers at the applicant’s current school
  • Copy of applicant’s passport(s) ID page
  • Copy of applicant’s birth certificate (for Singaporean students only)
  • Copy of applicant’s immunisation/ vaccination reports
  • Copy of each Parent’s/ Legal Guardian’s Passport(s) ID page
  • Copy of applicant’s Dependant’s Pass / NRIC – Singaporean / Permanent Resident* (whichever is applicable)
  • Copy of both Parent’s / Legal Guardian’s Employment Pass / Dependant’s Pass / NRIC – Singaporean / Permanent Resident* (whichever is applicable).

Important Note:

  • All original documents must be produced upon submission to verify their authenticity.
  • Only​ high-quality scanned documents will be accepted for review (PDF format).
  • All​ supporting documents must be supplied to the Admissions Office in English. Documents which are not in English will need to be translated. Translations must be carried out by a Notary Public, a Translation Agency or your own National Embassy.

Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact our Admissions team:

Tel:(65) 63314633
Email: admissions@smm.edu.sg

Age Criteria