Enriching Education at Sir Manasseh Meyer International School, Singapore

In the dynamic landscape of education in Singapore, Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS) distinguishes itself through a holistic approach that goes beyond traditional academics. Offering a diverse range of opportunities, SMMIS prioritises the enrichment of its students, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience in a small, yet thriving, international school setting. 


Weekly Specialised Classes in Secondary School 

At SMMIS, enrichment takes centre stage with weekly specialised classes in the Secondary School. Led by specialists in various fields, these sessions expose students to a spectrum of interests, from coding and 3D sculpting to music appreciation and culinary arts. The school's commitment to high-quality instruction ensures students have the chance to explore and cultivate their passions in a supportive environment. 


Makerspace: Fuelling Creativity and Innovation 

SMMIS houses an innovative Makerspace, a hub where creativity and innovation converge. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities such as 3D printing and coding stations, the Makerspace encourages students to transform their ideas into tangible creations. Beyond conventional learning, this space, complete with a laser cutter for precision crafting, embodies SMMIS's forward-thinking ethos, preparing students for a future where innovation is paramount. 


Co-Curricular Activities: Beyond Sports 

Recognising the multifaceted nature of enrichment, SMMIS offers a wide array of Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) to cater to diverse interests. Backed by research showcasing the physical, psychological, and social benefits of participation, CCAs at SMMIS foster creativity, collaboration, and interpersonal skills. From sports like football and swimming to activities like Brazilian Ju Jitsu, K-Pop Dance, Drama, chess, and coding, students find avenues to engage in activities contributing to their overall well-being. 


Subject Clinics and Catch-Up Classes 

SMMIS prioritises academic support through subject clinics and catch-up classes, ensuring targeted assistance for students in specific subjects. Whether seeking extra help in mathematics or reinforcing understanding in science and English, SMMIS's commitment to individualised attention shines through in these sessions. 


Small School, Big Opportunities 

Despite its smaller size, SMMIS maximises opportunities for students, emphasising quality over quantity. The school's diverse range of enrichment programmes caters to individual interests, fostering a personalised approach that allows every student to thrive. 



Sir Manasseh Meyer International School redefines education in Singapore by placing enrichment at the forefront of its philosophy. From weekly specialised classes to Co-Curricular Activities, subject clinics, and catch-up classes, SMMIS ensures a learning environment that nurtures both passion and well-being. Committed to providing a well-rounded education, SMMIS prepares students not just academically but as confident, curious, and passionate individuals ready to face the challenges of the world. In the heart of Singapore, SMMIS stands as a testament to the belief that enrichment is an essential component of a truly enriching education. 

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