Find Community at SMMIS: How We Foster Unity and Growth

Jewish Values: The Heart of Our Community

"At SMMIS, every subject is an opportunity for your child to stretch their boundaries, think critically, and develop as a whole person." We firmly believe that values like love, kindness, and resilience form the bedrock of our vibrant community. These Jewish teachings are deeply integrated into our curriculum, extracurricular activities, and the school's overall ethos. While these are Jewish values, their universal applicability fosters a sense of community that transcends religious and cultural boundaries.

Universal Values: A Foundation for All

"Learn why a comprehensive curriculum is more than subjects and textbooks—it's about nurturing well-rounded, globally-conscious, resilient children." In addition to Jewish values, SMMIS also emphasizes universal ethical teachings such as integrity, empathy, and environmental stewardship. These values serve as the underpinning of a balanced, ethical education and help create a compassionate and responsible community within and beyond the school's walls.

Parent Involvement: The Cornerstone of Our Community

"Understand how the various elements of our curriculum combine to offer a 360-degree education for your child." Parents play a pivotal role in fostering our vibrant, values-driven community. Through regular meetings, events, and collaborations, parents have numerous opportunities to engage with the school and contribute to its ethos and direction. Parent partnership is an important aspect of building the SMMIS community. By involving parents, we create a unified, supportive environment that enriches the educational experience for all our students.

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