SMMIS After-School Activities Programme

Research has shown that participation in after-school activities benefits children physically, psychologically and socially.

Furthermore, participation in after-school activities can positively contribute to a balanced school day, offering students a multitude of ways to further develop and foster their own creativity, develop their collaborative and interpersonal skills and finally, release their energy and enthusiasm into a productive and fun activity.

We look forward to your child’s active participation in our complement of after-school activities.

Swimming Programme

Participants of all ages and abilities are invited to participate in the swimming programmes. The programmes range from developing foundational water skills to improving and refining swimming technique for students involved in the school swimming squad.

The SMMIS swimming squad competes regularly in a friendly competition against other Singaporean international schools.

School Learn To Swim Programme

  • For students who are unable to swim and want to learn to swim

School Development Squad Swimming

  • Swimmers who are able to swim 25m without any swimming aid

School Squad Swimming

  • Swimmers should be able to swim 50m without any swimming aid

Australian Rules Football Programme

Aussie Rules Football is a sport for everyone and is a highlight of the SMMIS after-school programme.

In the weekly sessions, students are introduced to the world of AFL, developing football skills and learning what it means to play as part of a team.

Soccer Programme – Facilitated by International Soccer Academy (ISA)

The goal of the ISA soccer programme is to provide a fun, unique, and highly-dynamic soccer experience for all students.

An energetic after-school program, students learn about team work, improve coordination and gain a practical understanding of the world game.

Under the tuition of ISA coaches, students learn key skills like passing, dribbling, shooting and practical game play.

The ISA coaches will guide students as they progress through this programme, ensuring that they are continually learning new skills and techniques.


An external coach teaches children from K1 and above to play chess as part of the SMMIS After School Program.

Chess benefits young minds in various ways by improving their problem solving and critical thinking skills along with patience and concentration.

The coach guides them according to their levels, starting from an introduction to Chess which explores the objectives of playing the game and its basic rules, to developing and introducing them to competitive game strategy.


The SMMIS choir program is designed to enhance the musical, creative and expressive qualities of all students.

Delivered by Whizz Kidz, it is an exciting, energetic class where students master, learn how to read music, sing with proper technique, and gain confidence in their own singing skills.

I feel happy in this school, the teachers are kind and my friends are very nice. I have friends from many countries in my class- Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Israelis and Koreans, and we all play and talk together and share some things about our homes and countries and culture.


8, Grade 3

I love the activities we do in class. I like how we learn by exploring and not reading from the textbook all the time. It is less lecture, more active learning now and I love school.


12, Grade 6

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